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PROJEMAR started its activities designing small ships only for EMAQ Shipyard. In 1973, due to the shipbuilding growth in Brazil, PROJEMAR started to make special craft design and consulting for other shipyards and owners. One of the remarkable achievement of that time, and the beginning of activities in the offshore area, was the design of the first supply vessel in Brazil, a series of which have been built by Mac Laren Shipyard.

PROJEMAR introduced the CAD/CAM systems into Brazilian shipbuilding, at EMAQ Shipyard, and in 1976 the first mathematical fairing had been produced, using its in-house developed software. Due to its high development in the CAD/CAM field, EMAQ shipyard and PROJEMAR were awarded in 1980 with the prize LICEU DE TECNOLOGIA”, the most important technological award in Brazil at that time.

Due to the merge of EMAQ and VEROLME Shipyards, in 1991, PROJEMAR became responsible for the designs of both shipyards. In 1994, with the creation of IVI, the merge of EMAQ, VEROLME and ISHIBRAS Shipyards, PROJEMAR started to make designs for the three most important and productive shipyards in Brazil.

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